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Lazare and Charlotte Kaplan Foundation



The Lazare and Charlotte Kaplan Foundation, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan, awards community grants annually to charitable organizations and community programs/projects in Livingston Manor first and then the Town of Rockland.  

Community Grants:  The Lazare and Charlotte Kaplan Foundation Fund will consider Community Grants starting at $250, with larger grants awarded based on need and merit, to Livingston Manor first, and then the rest of the Town of Rockland organizations, if funds allow, whose projects/programs fit with the mission  statement.


Deadline:  Applications must be received by October 18th.  Awards will be announced in December.

Criteria:  Each application will be reviewed based on the following criteria (An agency is eligible to receive a grant if they received a grant the previous year, however, priority may be given to new applicants)


  • Fit the mission: Does the proposed project/program fit with the mission and priorities of the Lazare & Charlotte Kaplan Foundation?


The mission of the foundation is “To get the kids off the streets of Livingston Manor” – and to the extent that we have funds available from earnings and capital gains, as designated by the Board of Directors, to meet the needs of Livingston Manor first, and then if resources are available, to extend the same to our neighboring communities. This means providing funds for education to individuals in the arts and sciences and especially in the trades. It also means supporting programs like afterschool activities, educational support, competitions, recreational facilities, etc. We should fund projects that are supplemental, and not within the realm of responsibilities of the schools or other governmental agencies. With our limited resources, we must restrict ourselves to assistance which is vital to the individual or activityconcerned: that is, without our help, it would not take place.


  • Effectiveness:   How well does the request describe how it addresses the funding priority of the Lazare & Charlotte Kaplan Foundation?

  • Applicant:  Does the applicant have a reputation for implementing quality programs? Does the applicant have the staff/resources to execute the project?

  • Number of people served: How many individuals will be served by this project?  If  only a few will be served, is it likely that the learning from this project will provide greater benefit for the future?

Review Process:  All applications will be rated upon the criteria listed above and reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Lazare & Charlotte Kaplan Foundation.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to request any additional information as needed.

To complete an application, CLICK HERE, create an account (if you do not yet have one), and complete the Lazare & Charlotte Kaplan Foundation Community Grant Application.  If you have any questions or for more information CONTACT US.

Lazare Kaplan and Family

100th Birthday celebration at King's Catering House

Livingston Manor, NY

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